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Jess Natale's now-famous Instagram platform grew out of the strong need to combat misinformation; over the course of the past year, @soyouwanttotalkabout has become synonymous with activism, accountability, and reliability, raising the awareness of millions on a daily basis for the causes and voices that most need to be heard.

Presented in the signature style of the Instagram account, So, Let's Talk About It addresses the broader questions and issues that define our country today, from
climate change to electoral politics, the criminal legal system, and the death penalty, to the importance of unlearning Dynamically presented in clear, easily digestible and defensible tidbits that can help fuel personal activism, these powerful and succinct lessons can help fuel personal activism, prepare the reader for a difficult conversation with family and friends, or serve as a jumping-off point for learning or, in many cases, necessary unlearning. 

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